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Flash Drives Customization Like I've Never Seen Before

Let me tell you friend, I've found the guys that do customization the best. I was in the market of looking for some cool replicas, but I found a company that makes custom USBs. This is the coolest thing I've found thus far, I didn't even know it was possible to do this this well. Who would have thought?

The make USBs for DJs. Unless you've been living under a rock the past 10 years, you probably know that many people don't use CDs anymore. The other thing about CDs is that unlike the old records, the scratch easily and can get damaged with sunlight. There's a a solution to this problem though, you can still pass out music at your shows with a customized usb device. Store and preload all of your music on the drive, they'll duplicate a couple thousand of times, and there you go, your new album is available to your fans without anything extra needed.

Now bump it up a notch. Make your new album something your fans will never want to throw away. Make it into a badass device that they'll want to keep on their desk and show off to their friends. This is where the customization portion comes in. They make the design anyway you want it.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Take a look at this cross USB drive that was setup for a band. They really know what they're doing. In my opinion, custom flash drives is the only way to distribute music. So give it a shot, you fans will love you for it.

Custom Flash Drives

...Or if you've got a lot of time on your hands, you can just make your own drives. Get your drill and soldering iron out and you can force your USB into there. Working with customusb is my preferred method though.
Thanks for learning about how to make these drives work for you. If you want to learn more remember to checkout out site of shoot us an email.

Tragic Renaissance Fair Car Accident Calls For Illinois-Based Attorney

At a recent Renaissance Fair event, a crazy drunk driver ran into a large crowd of onlookers as they were observing the Medieval surgery exhibits. With motorcycles, trucks, and buses parked in the main parking lot, this reckless motorist hijacked one of his friend automobiles as he was trying to leave the event. His blood-alcohol level proved to be near 2.2 when he was driving. He decided to take a shortcut, to bypass the traffic at the gate. In his beligerent drunked stupor, he decided it was a good idea to plow through a tent where the Medieval sugery exhibit was being held. Little did he know that were a few dozen attendees at the other side of the tent, and a presenter inside. He ran over a dozen people, seriously injuring 5 of them and hospitalizing over 7 others. Police arrived on the scence and had him arrested.

chicago car accident lawyer

A personal injury lawyer was called in to see what kind of compensation the victims could receive from the insurance company. The insurers didn't want to cover many of the damages that occurred because they felt the people were careless to be standing to close the parking spot. Attorney Jim Ricks, specializing in aviation, boating, train and railroad accidents arrived on the Scene. Based on the south-side of Chicago, Jim dealt with hundreds of cases just like this and knew exactly how to litigate this trial and get a judge to give the fair compensation and settlement to victims involved. One of the most prevalent cases he handles are chicago car accident lawyer. From the public appellate record, the victims were able to settle court for millions. This wasn't a rare incident either. Accidents like this seem to happen everyday, and it's not getting any better. Illinois state registered over 1000 serious accidents in the past year resulting personal injury and requiring the legal advice of a renowned lawyer.


Here's another story of a similar motor-vehicle accident, let's hope this never happens at the fair ever again.